Chapter 2

The Medium and the Message

The medium I use for mass communication sometimes does change how I perceive the message. For me, this is because that when it comes to my approach to learning what’s going on in the world I try to take everything with a grain of salt. Especially when it comes to the television networks but also the internet because, in my opinion, you can never completely believe what you are being told. Which is why I say that the medium does change how I perceive the message because each different one I view adds a new perspective to the situation and in turn how I perceive the message.

This isn’t only with the news but also entertainment because when I watch a movie in an IMAX theater it is vastly different than watching on a television set. I feel more immersed in the movie and see so many different things I wouldn’t have noticed even on a 50″ tv. Which also plays into the senders intended way to view the message because if you think that every filmmaker wants to make movies for a small television screen with sub-par HD quality you must not follow the film industry. This can also be seen with speeches that are viewed or listened to versus reading it online or in a newspaper because the sender of that message intends for people to view it or listen to it so that the audience can feel the dramatic beats and emotion in the sender. It’s like reading a script for a movie or play. You get an idea of the story, characters, and the plot, but it isn’t fully realized until it is acted out. Which is why I am more comfortable reading something disturbing because in my mind it is not fully realized although most disturbing things don’t bother me completely when I view them. So, by changing the medium the sender or the receiver changes the way that message is perceived which can be positive or negative depending on the message and is one of the main themes behind Mass Communication.


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