Chapter 3

Long-Tail Media

The kinds of long-tail media I consume on a daily basis are Youtube, HBO GO/Netflix, and Google Play Music. These are where I get basically all of my entertainment media content. Youtube is basically like my Television where I watch my daily and weekly shows posted by my favorite content creators anytime I want. HBO GO/Netflix is where I watch movies and shows that I’m interested in like, The Sopranos and House of Cards, and Google Play Music is where I get all of the music I listen to.

Some long-tail artists I like better than short-head/mainstream media are Philip DeFranco, H3h3 Productions, Cow Chop, Funhaus, Casey Neistat, and much more from Youtube. The rest of my long-tail media artists could be considered mainstream at one point in time, but maybe not now. This is because I watch a lot of old movies and shows like, The Sopranos and The Deer Hunter, and listen to musicians that are somewhat older. These include The Doors, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Smiths, The Red Hot Chilipeppers, The Police, and U2. I also listen to current artists that aren’t completely in the short-head like, Local Natives, Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, and Radiohead. Again, some of these may not completely qualify for the long-tail, but I think they definitely aren’t completely in the mainstream.

So, how did discover all of these artists? My parents. They are the ones to thank for the older artists because that is all they would listen to while I was growing up, so that ear and taste for that kind of music bled into me. I discovered the newer artists by listening to some satellite radio that would play that stuff and Google Play Music because they have a suggestion and radio feature that plays artists similar to the ones you are already listening to which kind of led to a domino effect for the rest of my music. The movies and shows are somewhat based on my parents’ influence but also on my “research” for my career choice of being a Director/Writer. I’ve basically gone through and tried to watch the AFI, American Film Institue, Top 100 movies list and keep an eye out for anything old or new that has a lot of buzz from critics and people. Youtube is probably the one long-tail media I have used the longest. I started watching it regularly around 2009 or 2010. I would just watch gaming videos on a channel called Machinima and the rest was just a domino effect of watching one thing leading me to another and to what I watch today. So, for me, the long-tail media is the mainstream while the short-head media is the niche that I rarely use unless I have no other choice.


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