MJi: Generational Media Differences

Tammy Fowler

Generation Gap

Feb. 12, 2017

644 words

Mass Comm. In Modern Society

Jack Fowler

Aspiring Writer

JONESBORO, Arkansas- For my Media Journal I assignment about the generational gap and its relation to media usage I interviewed Tammy Fowler. She was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1965. Fowler is my mother and currently the Assistant Dean for Student Administration at NYITCOM in Jonesboro. The interview took place at her home on Feb. 11, 2017.

Fowler’s favorite form of media are books and the media she accesses on a typical day include her desktop computer, IPad, Cellphone, TV, CDS and the Newspaper. Her favorite media memories are when she saw “Inception,” “Interstellar” and “Arrival” in theaters. She said “Inception” showed her, “The power of our minds is something we do not harness and love is the strongest force to do so. We must build memories that are positive and hold on to/meditate on the goods in our hearts, minds and past.” “Interstellar” showed her that, “Love transcends time and memory. It gives us purpose and energy to be. The connections we have with each other through love are permanent and will remain. Also, time is not linear; our futures are not determined, nor is our past. We are not constrained to what we see or think at this moment. It can change.” Lastly, she said “Arrival” showed her, “Another non-linear time theme. Also, we must be ready to think differently, be open to new ideas and concepts, even when we may be the only one seeing it. Don’t give up, you will find a way.”

She remembers many historical events she witnessed via media such as 9/11, the Space Shuttle Challenger crash, Ronald Reagan being shot, the San Francisco Earthquakes and the 2016 Election Night. She feels that her life without media would be quieter, peaceful and boring. Also, she feels that without media she would be lost and on the outside of society, and she feels that it may give her more time to the things she wants.

Fowler and mine’s media use is not that different. We both use the same tools, but what we access on those tools is different. So, technically, we are not going different places to get the same information, but the information we get is different. I think this is because of the way media is set up these days. Instead of having to see information that you don’t care about, you can program your mobile media to what you want to see. That can play into one’s knowledge of local and national issues. If an issue is big enough it will show up on almost all media, but if an issue is not as big some media users won’t see that issue because of how their personal media use is set up. The different media use makes me somewhat more in know over a broader range of topics before she knows about some of those topics, mainly movies and entertainment.

Since she is my mother, our values are not that different. However, she does interact with other media, like books, that broadens her thoughts on her values while I tend to do that with different media, like movies. These shape our values into similar forms but do so in different ways.

I feel that this assignment has shown me how much my mother has transitioned throughout her life to the new media that has come out. She always tells me about how they had a TV with no remote when she was growing up and that they had a rotary phone. Now, she uses almost all the media that is out today. I think this shows her capability to adapt and how we should also be able to adapt not just in regards to media but life as well. What surprised me the most was how much history she has witnessed and then makes me think of which events I will look back on like her.


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