Chapter 6

The Future and Newspapers

I think the future for newspapers will be completely electronic. Instead of it being physical and delivered to wherever, they will be completely online with a paid subscription based on the paper. I have already started to see this with myself and my parents. I never read the newspaper but I do follow all of my news, local and national, through the internet. My mom already reads the Newspaper on her Ipad with her subscription. She just opens it up and has the whole paper in one small device. This is not to say that Newspapers today are pointless but I think that especially, the younger generation, won’t see a need in reading the Newspaper when they can get all of their information on their phones. However, I don’t think that they will be replaced. I think they will adapt and become more accessible to online users. This may mean a lot of layoffs at Newspaper companies but I think it is inevitable with how fast technology is advancing today. However, a lot of different mediums have been said to be threatened to die off but haven’t yet. They have merely adapted to the future which I think ultimately will happen for Newspapers. So, the hope for papers everywhere continues.


One thought on “Chapter 6”

  1. I believe that the newspaper will become electronic, as well. The loss of selling physical books and movies, I believe, influences if newspapers continue. Pirating movies is more common now than ever. Because of more people pirate movies, the producers lose money that is made by the selling of media. If books are discontinued, I can almost guarantee that newspapers will disappear, too. The internet’s greatest feature is how accessible it is to people. Because the internet can be used at the touch of a button, newspapers will become a part of it. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad idea but I like to see something simple and traditional stay in style a while longer.

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