Chapter 5


The magazines I read the most often are The Atlantic and The Hollywood Reporter. I like both of these because I feel like they provide an in-depth analysis of the topics I care about. The Atlantic provides me with news in the U.S. and around the world while also providing essays on these topics that are, in my opinion, well thought out. The Hollywood Reporter provides me with the information I want about the movie industry and the people involved. With this said I don’t read these with a subscription or anything. They are just the magazines that I go to online.

With this being said the characteristics noted by Rhodes they share would be; building a relationship between the magazine and its readers, providing information readers can’t easily find other places, adapting to social changes, and adjusting to economic changes and limitations.

Honestly, I haven’t read these magazines that long so I don’t have a full grasp on how they changed. However, a magazine I used to read monthly, Gameinformer, has changed quite a bit since I was reading it. They have now adopted a more digital approach to their content almost like The Atlantic. I think this is because of who they were trying to appeal to. This magazine provided news and stories about video games before most of this audience was online all the time. Since most of this audience can get this information online now, I think they are trying to appeal to that by giving the same content but just making it readily available with an internet connection. Sadly, I don’t think this made it better because one of their main characteristics was the artwork in and on the magazines. They would always have a big story about a certain game and the front and back cover of the magazine would be filled with concept art from the game. By it being online, it takes away from seeing that and feeling like you’re reading a well thought out and respectable magazine rather than an online article. Also, there wouldn’t be any ads on the covers and hardly any inside the magazine.


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