Chapter 8


I go to the movies because they are my true passion in life. Film is one of the art forms I connect most with and wish to be a part of. Going to the theater to see a film by filmmakers that truly understand their craft and present these amazing stories to the world always draw me into the theaters. I also go to the theater to watch movies because most of the time that is the format that the creators made it for. The best Directors, Writers, Cinematographers and Producers know that the way the first people who will view their movie will see it in a theater and more than likely make it for viewing in a theater. That’s not saying movies have to be viewed in a theater. All I’m saying is that you get the full experience when you view a movie in a theater with a large screen. It’s like watching Lawrence of Arabia on your cell phone. You definitely aren’t doing that movie justice watching it on a small screen like that.

So, I guess you could say I’m a little biased but I do think that the experience is worth the cost depending on the movie. I say this because some movies aren’t made with the big screen in mind and forget about that aspect of it so it wouldn’t really warrant going to the theater to see it except for the communal experience of it. However, I will always say it is worth it because I want theaters to survive. I don’t see anything wrong with streaming services because of the number of movies you are able to see no matter your taste. I just want more people to go see movies in theaters that aren’t just blockbusters because a lot of movies that released warrant a trip to the theater that isn’t Marvel or DC. Just go watch movies. Anyways, if you ever hear of a film directed by Christopher Nolan go see it in theaters, period.


One thought on “Chapter 8”

  1. I like that you added that watching on a small screen isn’t doing the movie justice. There are even some movies that have introductions made to be seen in the theater. The first one that comes to my mind is the animated movie, Shark Tale with Will Smith. There is a crab that comes on the screen and says, “hey, you gonna get the rest of your popcorn?” and goes away. Movie theaters are known for their popcorn so I can see how that would have been better if I would have seen that part in the theater.
    I attached a video to show what part I’m talking about in the movie. (Fast forwards to 5:25 in the video for what I’m talking about)

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