Chapter 10

Video Games

I would have considered video games a form of mass communication before I read this chapter. This is because of how big the industry is and how you are able to talk and communicate with almost anyone around the world through them. My line of thinking is that if music and movies are considered a form of mass communication why shouldn’t video games. I may be biased because I have played video games all throughout my life as they were my first love in regards to a media platform.

What makes them on this level of mass comm., in my opinion, could be part of the same arguments for other forms of entertainment on this same subject. Honestly, one could argue that they are more like a form of mass comm. then other forms of entertainment because you are able to communicate and interact with people while you playing them. For example, when I would play my Xbox 360 I had friends from Canada and Chicago that I would regularly talk to and play with. This type of communication for music and movies only happen when you go to a concert or the theater and usually happen less frequently. This doesn’t even mention the size and growth the video game industry has had over the years with multiple conventions and sales that rival ticket and record sales. They are a relatively new player in mass communication but they are definitely a form of it and seem to only be growing.


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