MJii: My Media Use

The first thing I noticed about my media use is that I am on my computer a lot. This is where I would say 90% of my media use comes from. Which after further thought is how it has been for me ever since I got my first desktop. I basically use it as my entertainment center. I go to YouTube for my daily videos, I listen to most of my music through it, I go to Netflix and HBO GO to watch shows or movies, and it is where I see basically all the other media I consume besides when I read my books. However, I don’t feel controlled by it. It’s just a means to an end and how I have adapted to this environment.

I noticed that there isn’t really a peak media day for me. It seems that I consume the same amounts just through different sources every day. Like if I have a class that will count for my media but if I don’t I would just be on my computer which would count for my media use. Although I did have some changes in my media use when I only had my phone. Because of the tediousness of recording it, I found myself avoiding using it in situations where I would have just used it to use it.

I think this is mainly because of my residence. Because I live on campus in Kays Hall I don’t have access to satellite television like I do at home which knocks off most of the channels I watch. Also, because only a few channels have HD and I mainly watch AMC or HBO so watching a movie in non-HD is not something I want to do. But when I’m on campus I can get almost all my entertainment from my computer so I don’t have a reason to watch cable TV. I think it is also because it is more personal and private or at least feels that way. I can just put my headphones on and my roommate doesn’t have to see or hear what I’m watching. It’s mainly just an access reason for me because I’m accessing the same things, I’m just using different means for it.

As for what this says about my family, I’m not sure. My parents have adapted to the new media world easily. They have their computers and use Netflix and streaming but most of the time they watch what is on TV at the time. Which is probably a habit from their media use over the years. So, the main difference is that I use YouTube as my TV. Which means I probably carried over their media habits to my “new media” platform. However, they both use about the same amount as me, but I will admit I use more.

Honestly, I don’t think that being a student has affected my use that much. It has just made it to where I would be focused on other things on my computer other than entertainment because most of my schoolwork is done through my computer. The only time I don’t is when I need to read my textbook which I get done quickly. I think that is the main thing behind my media use. I get my work done quickly. Nothing really takes me multiple days to do depending on the assignment. I sort of reward myself with my entertainment after I finish an assignment and I usually refrain from my entertainment until I am done with my assignments. But as a student, I use my computer for almost everything.

This also shows my hobbies are media related. My hobbies consist of movies, music, and books so I don’t usually “get away” as some would say. However, I strongly feel that it does not control me. I can stop using it anytime I want and whenever I want or have something else to do. It is easy for me to stop using it when I have a reason to (this probably sounds like an addict). So, a lot of my media use stems from not wanting to be bored because I am an introvert and feel more comfortable on my own. I don’t hang out and go to parties all the time to find my enjoyment. I find my enjoyment through the media I consume and that just happens to be when I am alone. I just feel like myself and can think about the world around me when I am in these situations of personal media use because I don’t see it as wasting time. Especially when I’m watching my shows or movies on Netflix and HBO GO. I’m taking mental notes for what I want to do as a Writer/Director seeing what works and what doesn’t. Even the things I watch on YouTube have, for me, an educational aspect to them. So, am I being controlled? I don’t think so. I think if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to go a day without it, which I’m 99% sure I can. But we’ll see about that.


One thought on “MJii: My Media Use”

  1. Our media use is almost identical. I’ve watched over 2200 movies and over 50 TV series. Being an aspiring writer myself, I feel that we think alike.


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