Chapter 14

Media Apologies

A media outlet should always apologize to the public when they make a mistake. I think this because if they don’t acknowledge the mistake and apologize for it, what’s stopping them from fabricating stories all the time. We should always hold the media accountable because, especially in news media, we trust them and use them understand the world around us. If they make a mistake, it could lead to people thinking the wrong things about the world and the people. Also, the only real way a mistake is known is when it is a big story or important to someone who reads the story and really cares about it. So, it’s not like they are apologizing for minor mistakes that don’t change that much. These mistakes that need apologies are usually big ones and should definitely be acknowledged and fixed.

I don’t think apologizing can make things worse. It might be hard for the outlet and the people involved, but apologizing will put trust back into the readers. I just think it is better in the long run to apologize. Your readers will trust you more and think that you are able to be held accountable for your actions. Not to mention it just looks like you don’t care, if you don’t apologize, which is not something I think any news outlet wants.


One thought on “Chapter 14”

  1. I totally agree. News outlets are supposed to be trustworthy and truthful. When they mess up, they should definitely own up and apologize. The truth will always come out, so apologizing will always yield a better outcome than trying to cover things up and deny mistakes.


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