In-Class Writing

William and Susan sat on a blanket in the middle of Central Park. It was late August and still felt like Summer. Birds flew between trees and kids played in the distance.

“Beautiful day, huh,” said William.

“Yeah, it turned out pretty nice,” Susan responded.

“So, how was your day,” William asked looking in the direction of Susan but not at her.

“It was alright. How was yours?”


Two men ran through the kids playing. One was just ahead of the other. The one in front constantly looked back the one chasing him.

“Are you ok,” William asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t know you seem distracted.”

“Sorry, I’m just tired.”

“You sure?”

The man in front fell and rolled down a hill into the water opposite of William and Susan. The other stood at the top of the hill looking down on him.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?”

“Did you and Tom have a good time this weekend?”


The man at the top of the hill jogged down and grabbed the man laying the water. He punched the defeated man once and then again.

“I know what you and Tom do when I’m not there.”

“Stop, Will. There’s nothing there.”

“Just admit it.”

“I told you nothing is happening between. Stop being so insecure.”


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