In-Class Writing: Revisions

Revision is when I find the true story. It’s where I find what I really wanted to say with the story. I mostly free-write at first so, this is where I am able to clean it up and shape it into what I was wanting it to be. It allows me to go back and look at my mistakes whether they are grammar or structure¬†based, and fix them for the better.

An example of this is in my first short story, “Crowbar.” I had no idea what that story was when I first finished it and left in all the wrong details. I was able to go through and clean up the story to really show the concept and theme I was going for. I was able to find the focus of the story give it a new breath and tone. That’s what I mean by finding the true story. I am able to see the story for what it is and what I want it to be.


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