My name is Jack Fowler and I am from Arkansas. I am a film buff and an aspiring writer and director that lives and breathes movies, music, and literature. So much so that I live my life based on a quote from my favorite movie of all time; The Shawshank Redemption. “Get busy living or get busy dying,” is the quote and to some, it may seem a little cynical, but I think it is a motto of hope and is the main foundation for the love of life and living it to its fullest. My favorite writer of all time is Ernest Hemingway because of the power of his style and the understanding he has for humanity. My all-time favorite artist of any kind is Bob Dylan. He is the epitome of what an artist is, in my opinion. He is not only musically talented but one the greatest writers to ever live. These two writers are my main influences along with any Martin Scorsese film. They and many others made me want to be a writer with film hopefully being the tool for my expression.