Chapter 11

Product Placement

I don’t really mind television programs that feature sponsored products. As long as it’s not gratuitous it doesn’t bother me. Like, if a show features products that make sense within the show then it is perfectly fine, but if it is just randomly placed on the show it is annoying. I guess I’m talking about product integration. I understand that TV shows need to make money but if they can find a way to creatively or stealthily¬†integrate their sponsors into the show it makes it better in my eyes. It’s like The Wire using Verizon payphones and talking about the company Verizon when they needed information from cellphones. It doesn’t take you out of the show.

I find it more annoying in reality shows because I find reality shows annoying. They are almost completely fake but passed off as real and their product placement is nowhere near seamless. When the shows blur a certain brand but don’t blur another it is painfully obvious who the sponsors are. Sometimes there are whole “plot points” in these shows that just big product placements. Overall product placements are annoying but if a show can find a creative and seamless way to feature its sponsors then I’m all for it. I just don’t want to watch a 30-60 minute advertisement.