Chapter 12

Open and Honest PR

I think many PR professionals do deal with the public openly and honestly today. There are obviously¬†ones that don’t, but that may be just from them not being that good at their job and the media world we live in today. However, I think good PR professionals deal with the public this way because of that. In the always online, social media aspect of the world today, many of these PR professionals can’t afford to not be open and honest. If they aren’t, someone is bound to figure out and telegraph it to the world instantly. Having an online and social media presence is basically a major part of PR today, and when something happens they have to be ready and quick with their response. Also, with millions of people that can fact check anything you say online you have to be open and honest because they will immediately prove you wrong and eat you alive.

So, the good PR professionals are open and honest with the public and think many of the modern PR professionals are. However, like with anything else in life, there are some bad apples in the bunch. Overall they are open and honest because they will more than likely lose their job if they aren’t. It may not be the best incentive but at least keeps them open and honest.