Chapter 9


I usually watch television whenever I am done with my assignments that need to be done that day and when I have caught up on the Youtube videos that were posted each day. So, it is usually from somewhere around the afternoon until I go to bed when I watch TV. Right now I am watching specific shows through services like HBO GO, Netflix, and STARZ because I don’t really watch anything currently airing on cable and broadcast channels. This is mainly because I am living on campus so I don’t have access to the channels I would watch at home, but even if I was at home it would just be the movie channels and on-demand shows.

This is sort of a bold statement from someone like me, but I do think that someone can watch too much TV. However, I don’t think this because it “rots your brain.” I say this because a lot of shows aren’t meant to be “binge watched,” especially dramatic shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, etc. These types of shows have a lot to offer to the viewer and have many twists and turns that are meant sit with the audience. By just going straight from a cliff hanger to what happens next takes away the impact of that moment. I’m just as guilty of doing this as everyone else but now I try to be more careful about it. But in terms of the first reason that you can watch too much TV, I don’t agree fully with that. Like with any other thing people consume, it depends on what that person is consuming and balance, in┬ámy opinion.

Last night I watched Band of Brothers on HBO. It is a WWII show in the style of Saving Private Ryan based on a book written about these real people. It follows Easy Company of the US Army 101st division in Europe from Operation Overlord through V-J Day. It is very well done and realistic just like Private Ryan and if you have seen and liked that movie I would highly recommend this show.